Director's Desk



I welcome the viewers to the website of Institute for Catalysis and Petroleum Technology (ICPT).This institute is an energetic research center established under the Faculty of Technology, Anna University to bring researchers from inter-disciplinary areas to carry out research in the field of Petroleum Technology and Catalysis.

The vision of ICPT is to synthesize eco- friendly catalysts and propose sustainable technologies for petroleum industries including those for the growing bio-refinery industries. The enthusiastic commitment keeps the ICPT mission forceful and consistently moving ahead, with an outcome of strong record in research areas.

ICPT focuses on applied catalysis, reaction engineering, energy conversion, energy utilization, chemical synthesis, petroleum technology and environmental protection.

Our mission is to develop and carry out research project and to disseminate basic and applied knowledge through publications, patents and reports .Further, this institute does collaborative research with industrial partners to provide technical support to industrial R&D. Based on the mission, the institute focuses on the development of eco-friendly catalysts for pollution abatement, innovativeness in industrial catalysis for sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly process.

On behalf of ICPT, I thank all the academicians, scientists, research scholars and R&D personnel for their valuable contributions and hope they shall continue to work to elevate ICPT to greater heights